Things to Know Before Ordering An Expensive Sparkling Wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink associated with class and elegance. Not every alcoholic affords wine. Even if they do, it’s not a drink you indulge anyhow. Wine has many categories depending on the time taken to ferment, raw material, and the production process. What makes wine that expensive?


  • Worldwide price inflation
  • The high-end packaging style
  • Time taken to prepare old wine
  • Capital intensive grape production


The world economic crisis directly impacts on the prices of most commodities wine inclusive. It’s commonsense to get the skyrocketed price of your favorite wine.


Is that a surprise! Look at the package and think if it’s worth the price. Old wine takes ages to prepare and manufacture to get the taste; there is no way you can get it with few coins.


It comes at a cost. Grape farming requires capital; all these are factored in the price list. No need for complaints, order your wine and enjoy it. Wait a minute, before you order that expansive sparkling wine consider


  1. The region theme

Every region identifies with a specific wine. Italian restaurant stocks Italian wine while French restaurant stocks French wine. Before you make an order, know the territory the restaurant represents. The possibility of most taverns missing your favorite brand is very high. In case you need a variety, then go to an international wine bar. You have many choices.


  1. Go through the wine list.

Take your time to read the wine list and the pricing to avoid disappointments. Identify if this is a three-star bar or a five-star bar. The same wine costs higher in a 5-star bar than in a 3 –star one.


Once you decide to go out to an expensive wine bar, whether for prestige or to quench your thirst, confirm with the wine list. Is it in line with your budget, or you must sweep everything in your bank account in exchange for a glass of expensive wine bottle?


  1. Confirm availability of funds

After you identify your brand, it’s time to check your credit card limit if it can accommodate the price, just in case.


You ordered the drink; you must pay for it. Look at the expiry date or any other reservations your card may have. If it’s in order, then order for your drink. Most wine bars prefer upfront payment for these specific brands of wine.


It’s a business deal, not cat and mouse games. Understand the policy and do as they say. It’s a win-win business arrangement.


  1. Know how to pair wine flavors

Never order for wine for the sake of it; get to know the mixology to get the right taste. Use experts in the bar to advise you on what to do if you have all the money to spend on expensive wine.


It’s yours, after all. There is a standard way of mixing flavors to get yet another brewed flavor to suit your taste. A few tips come in handy to help you with this.


  1. Order by glass


What options are available as you make your order? Is it by the bottle or by the glass? Know this from your wine list. If it’s by the glass, then you are safe with your cash. If you must buy the whole bottle, then rethink whether it’s worth the deal.


When they say it’s an expensive wine, then understand it’s not pocket change. The drink is taken by who-is-who in the corporate or political world. The political class gifts each other as a sign of value for friendship, although others use it for prestige.